“I’ve Never Looked Back”

After working as an office manager at Cleanhome’s Thames Valley HQ, Alison Brown decided she wanted to become a cleaning business owner.

A Day in the Life of a Cleanhome Cleaning Franchise Owner

Featuring Alison Brown, a Cleanhome cleaning franchise owner from Hemel Hempstead


Being a Cleanhome franchise owner, I work from home and therefore can grab an extra hour in bed or start my working day early - depending how much I have on that day!


I drop my daughter at school - the flexibility of this franchise is one of the reasons why I chose it and being able to drop my daughter off at school and pick her up at the end of the day means a lot to me as a parent - and makes me appreciate that I have a great work/life balance.


When I turn on my PC the first thing I do is check my emails and calendar for the day on Genesys™, which is our brilliant, unique operational system - designed and created by us! - and which makes sure I keep my business on track and nothing gets forgotten. This is a management franchise and so there are no staff to brief or organise. My first job is to check if any clients require cover for the day because their cleaner is perhaps ill or on holiday, and arrange cover from my database of cleaners. Thanks to Genesys™ this is a quick and simple task, as it automates the whole process.


Planning my day – the Genesys™ dashboard provides an immediate view of my whole business and where I should focus my attention - so no wasted time there!


I usually start by reconciling the business bank account – logging on and checking the latest customer payments. These are registered into Genesys™ against the clients and invoices are automatically cleared down. The system also shows me which clients are still due to pay, and if they are overdue it suggests and generates a response - it even logs the response onto the client record which is great as it keeps me both efficient and organised.


My first meeting of the day – a client looking for 4 hours cleaning a week in a beautiful 4 bedroom house. I love going into client’s houses and helping them decide how many hours they need and what sort of cleaner they are looking for; I also get lots of home furnishing ideas! The client signs up – my sign up rate is an amazing 80%, due in part to not only the quality service we offer but also to our very affordable pricing.


Straight on to see a cleaner who's looking for some work. We always meet with potential cleaners at home so that we know where they all live, but also because when people are in their own environment they are relaxed and chat quite freely so I get a really good understanding of the kind of person they are - and then I can decide if they are right for us and also I can match them well with suitable clients.


Back at the office and I begin the cleaner allocation process; Genesys™ takes the hard work out of this by suggesting a list of cleaners based on the criteria I enter about the new client. I select a cleaner I think will be a great match for not just my client’s cleaning requirements but also because I think they will get on together. I call the cleaner, describe the job and when she accepts Genesys™ takes care of the rest. The whole process has only taken me 15 minutes.


A friend calls wanting to meet for lunch on Wednesday. I clear the day on the calendar in Genesys™ to make sure I don’t double book my time.


I call and arrange interviews with two more clients this week, and a possible new cleaner next week.


Management of the business is complete for the day, and I have some quality time to review and manage the marketing strategy. I review the performance of the Google Adwords campaign, and initiate a brand new advert on Facebook, which is becoming increasingly successful.


Pick up my daughter from school and stop at the coffee shop on the way home - which gives me the chance to catch up with her and find out what she's been up to today. It's great because as long as I have my iPad with me and an Internet connection, I can access Genesys™ and stay on top of the business just in case I'm needed for anything.


Back home now so I check the emails one final time, have a quick look at my diary for tomorrow and then I close up for the day - all set for whatever tomorrow may bring!

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