Genesys™ – the best keeps getting better

Our unique and proprietary cleaning business software has over 10 years of development, and is without doubt the best on the market.

Genesys™, Cleaning Business Software

At the heart of our business is Genesys™, our fully integrated cloud based system that will run your business, allowing you to focus on growing and developing your business. Avaliable on PC’s, MAC’s, iPhones and iPads Genesys™ will let you manage your business from anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Genesys™ is one of our biggest differentiators from our competition and the value it provides cannot be over stated.

The Genesys™ Dashboard View

The system provides a ‘dashboard view’ of the entire franchise, giving franchisees an immediate and holistic view of the status of the business.

Cloud based

Wherever you are, Genesys™ presents information in a structured manner by using a ‘traffic light’ system flagging up areas of the business that need attention according to the individual needs of each franchise.

Built for growth

The software has been specifically designed to enable the addition of employees/managers into a franchise business (and even some 3rd party suppliers) by providing various levels of access, allowing for seamless growth of the business.

Automated management

By automating the management of the business, Genesys™ allows the franchisee to concentrate on what really matters – growing the business.

Investment in Technology

Cloud software has helped revolutionise businesses of all shapes and sizes in recent years and it has been at the heart of our operation since we opened our first Cleanhome branch in the Thames Valley in 2010. Our managing director, Karen Kelly, wanted to create a business model which would allow her to build a successful company but would also allow her to arrange her workload around her personal life. Cleaning and technology are not obvious bedfellows but she put an incredible investment into technology by developing cloud-based software, GENESYS™, which is unique to the UK domestic cleaning industry and is one of Cleanhome’s key selling points for new franchisees.

Freedom to Grow

When investing into a Cleanhome franchise, franchisees are given full access to the software and are trained on how to make the most of it. Developing cloud software tailored to our business has not only enhanced the work-life balance of our franchisees, it has also freed up capital for investment in areas such as ongoing training which has helped Cleanhome franchisees to grow their operations with some of them now running multiple franchises. Not being bound to long contractual terms that comes with purchasing other software readily available in the market, means that we can focus on investing into other areas of the business including marketing and PR to raise awareness of the Cleanhome brand and reach potential franchisees.

Clear Business Vision

GENESYS™, provides a ‘dashboard view’ of the entire franchise, giving franchisees an immediate and holistic view of the status of the business and it also organises all the financial and administrative aspects of the business by acting as a virtual assistant. Most of our franchisees have never run a business before so it was vital that they understood how to run the ‘back end’ of the business – the administration, legal and finance and technical functions – and the ‘front end’ – the clients – so that they could focus on growing their business. Our unique software enables franchisees to identify the areas of the business that require attention and allows them to prioritise their workload according to the business needs which is fundamental for the network’s growth. The software presents the information in a structured manner by using a ‘traffic light’ system flagging up areas of the business that need attention according to the individual needs of each franchise.

Financial View

GENESYS™ is also used for generating customer invoices, ensuring invoices are paid on time and reconciliation. The dashboard gives an immediate view of how many invoices are overdue, the total amount of money owed to the business and client history, showing which clients need to be monitored and how and when to communicate with them. Over the past year we have developed an automated invoice chasing function which has reduced outstanding debt by 75% across all our franchise operations.

Simple Collaboration

The system has also been developed to allow for multiple users in a single franchise, which enables new employees to be easily added to the system. The system is hosted in a redundant server farm and a full backup of the data are sent to the franchisee every night to allow for business continuity in the event of any technical network issues.

Continuous Support

One of the biggest developments we have introduced is our ability to monitor how the franchisees’ businesses are doing and gives us the insight into which franchisees need the most help and support. We can log into GENESYS™ and we can see all of our franchisees by month, by income, by client, see who’s growing and who’s not. This means that if one franchisee is outperforming their neighbours, we can reach out and find out if there is any competitive insight that can be shared with the network. Similarly, if one franchise seems to be under-performing, we can reach out and offer additional support. This direct result of our system allows us to monitor the overall performance of the network and have an in-depth understanding of the way the franchisees utilise our business model. This information allows us to tailor our training and our approach to potential franchisees by offering them up-to-date data on how current franchisees are performing. We have found that when someone is looking to invest into a franchise they need proof that they will get a return on their investment and with GENESYS™ we can offer them that insight.

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