Sharon’s story

The training was very thorough and covered absolutely everything, and the Genesys™ system is my absolute lifeline. I would definitely recommend a Cleanhome franchise to people who are looking to make a lifestyle choice.

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Exclusive Cleanhome Franchises

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What did you do before starting your business?

I had recently gone back to work full-time as an IT project manager after taking maternity leave for my daughter. I quickly realised that my priorities had changed and that I now needed greater flexibility in my business life because I wanted to spend more time with my family. At the same time I still wanted something that would provide me with a secure regular income and an income in retirement.

Why did you decide to start a domestic cleaning business?

I looked around at several business sectors, and chose domestic cleaning because it’s one of the few businesses which is still a growing market – and therefore with more opportunity to succeed. It’s also a very secure income stream – when you have 200 clients even if one decides to cancel you still have 199 left! In other words your business is not dependent on just a few high value clients. It also didn’t require me to purchase stock, rent premises, or employ huge numbers of staff. It was some- thing that I could do from home.

Why did you choose Cleanhome?

I really did my research well before deciding who to choose. Once you discount the small start up franchises with no track record, it comes down to probably 2 or 3 cleaning franchises. I chose Cleanhome because for me they were the most professional, had fantastic branding and their business infrastructure really is first class and shows their commitment to quality.

Was starting up difficult? How did Cleanhome help you get started?

It was really quick and efficient. Because the whole business infrastructure is already there, and they’ve done this so many times before, I was earning money the first week I launched the business.

What do you like about your business?

The GENESYS system means that you can control and manage your business with ease, and critically as you grow – it has been built with expansion in mind and will cope with taking on your first office staff with ease. Not only that, but it allows you to be fully in control of your work/life balance – if I want to take time off I can structure the work to accommodate this. Also, and again this shows the capability of the GENESYS system, I can hand over control of the business to another franchisee whilst I am away – and I will look after theirs when they take a holiday. Earlier this year I took a camping holiday and was able to run the business from a tent in a field!

What does a typical day involve?

The first 30 minutes are dealing with emails and getting on top of the days work. Then it’s all about planning the rest of the day – scheduling client interviews, meeting and vetting cleaners. And if I’m out of the office I can run the business from my iPhone – seriously!

Have you had any problems, and how did head office help you with them?

No problems at all; if you’re good at organising and planning and a good administrator GENESYS will run the business for you. Karen helped me to plan for growth of the business after the initial business launch and I am right on target for my business plan.

Would you recommend a Cleanhome franchise to a friend/colleague … and why?

The answer to that is a resounding yes – in fact my husband has already bought a second franchise area! If you stick to the method the business will grow, and it’s a great feeling watching the money come into the business account every morning over a cup of coffee.